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08 August 2014 @ 09:00 am
Quick Big Bang Policy on Warnings  
The purpose of a warning on a fic is to let the readers know what they are getting before they click on the link/cut tag. Some subject matter is very triggering for certain readers, while other subject matter simply falls outside the purview of the types of stories that readers enjoy and feel comfortable reading.

The following must be included in the warnings if they are present in your fic: child abuse (physical, emotional, or sexual); domestic abuse/violence; incest; non-con/dub-con, including statutory; sex involving characters below the age of consent; graphic violence; suicide/suicidal ideation/self-harm; and major character death (whether or not that death is canonical). If your fic contains these situations and you do not warn for them, you’ll be given an opportunity to update your header, after which time your fic will be deleted.

We strongly suggest you include warnings for the following: Minor character death (whether or not that death is canonical); kinks (BDSM, slave, bloodplay, breathplay, scat, etc. — if it’s something you’d prompt on the kink meme, consider warning for it); mpreg; underage drug/alcohol use; substance abuse of any nature; and mental health issues.

Thank you all for your cooperation and for keeping the quickbigbang a safe space for readers!